Chanakya Neeti and Business Management

Lead your startup the Chanakya way

Chanakya Neeti & Business Management for Startups.

Chanakya was the great Pathmaker, Transforming Visionary, Missionary for integrated, strong and better India, perceiver of paradigm shift for peace, progress and prosperity, the exemplary teacher of Strategic Management, Effective Leadership and Efficient Administration and the practitioner of Ethics and Values in professional and personal life. 

Chanakya was the “Mentor” to King Chandra Gupta Maurya. Chanakya developed and mentored many capable people for leading different areas and departments. He developed a strong network of information systems based on both formal and informal sources and channels.

Chanakya Neeti gives a direction, a clarity which helps a person to think through and act. Chanakya Neeti can be a catalyst which may help many Startups to actualize their goals in building a robust business and give direction to growth. 

In this explicit events, Startups can gain insights on how to build a lean, efficient and effective business, create a robust learning culture within the organization, how effective #Mentoring can help you in several areas of business strategy, etc. Join in to a world of learning from industry though leaders and mentors.

AUG 13, 201609:00 AM – 01:00 PM