ThePitchQbate is a 3 weeks extensive program designed to help entrepreneurs create excelling pitch decks under the guidance of expert mentors and confidently present them to investors. The program not only helps entrepreneurs create perfect pitch decks but also connects them with the right industry stakeholders thus enabling strategic partnerships and investments.

Sociologist, James Hughes, said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

Along those lines, a great pitch does a lot more than just communicating the business idea. It intrigues the audience to know more about your idea and captivates them in understanding what void your business idea seeks to fill. Their imagination should be able to visualize the business at work. In a way, the pitch deck needs to make your business come to life….

Most founders spend huge amount of time perfecting their pitch deck to make it more appealing to the investors. Alas, research shows that investors look at pitch decks for an average of 3 mins & 44 secs. This means creating a pitch deck is not an easy task. A perfect pitch needs process, principle and practice combined with clarity, communication and confidence to convince an investor.

And at ThePitchQBate this is what exactly our team of expert mentors and investors aim to achieve while closely working with you on:

Course Outline

  1. How to build a crack Investment Memorandum?
  2. How to identify the essential moving parts of the financial model?
  3. How to decode the approaches to “How is my venture valued?”
  4. How to choose the right investors for your venture?
  5. How to use Design Thinking to convey your business model?

What’s in it for YOU

  1. Design and Practice your Pitch with the best of industry mentors and investors
  2. Gain insights from key stakeholders of startup ecosystem
  3. Peer to peer mentoring
  4. Opportunity to interact with key partner and investors
  5.  Chance to get selected for TheMentorpreneurs Scalate program and secure funding plus acceleration for 6 months by TheMentorpreneurs. To know more about the accelerator program visit  The SCalate section

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