TheMentorpreneurs SalesQBate is a program designed to enable startups with the right sales strategies for consistent growth and market reach.

Successful sales always comes with well thought strategies. Most of the time the biggest reason why startups are not able to get desired sales is lack of process. If startups are looking for consistent sales, they need to have specific process which can be measured and monitored.

In SalesQBate our team works very closely with startups to –

  1. Build used cases with partner enterprises
  2. Design Product – Market fit
  3. Define the target market
  4. Define the Outreach
  5. Measure and Monitor Sales
  6. Define appropriate marketing strategies

Who can apply –

  1. Startups looking to accelerate sales
  2. Startups who want to convert a use case to sales
  3. Startups who want to prioritize a use case to solve


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