In the early years of building a start-up, Founders in favor of developing their product, finding market fit and acquiring customers almost always overlook key corporate, legal, tax and financial hygiene matters. It’s not an ideal approach to building a global business, but cash is tight and other things need to be prioritized, so I get it.

However, once the Startup has achieved the threshold milestones of technical validation and consumer validation, and you are ready to seek external capital for expansion, startups need to focus on these critical aspects of business.

This means getting your corporate, financial and legal affairs in order!. Doing so adds credibility to the founding team thus helps increase your chances of a successful capital raise. After all, investors invest in the capability of the team, not just the market opportunity presented by the business.

With this objective in mind, TheMentorpreneurs presents yet another engaging session on helping Startup founders ask themselves – “Is your Startup Investment Ready?”