Mentee – Gamedoora

I was introduced to TheMentorpreneurs at an event in Goa, where in we interacted with Bhavesh Kothari and Shraddha. They are very professional, knowledgeable and skilled mentors in the Industry. They are well connected within the start-up ecosystem. They provided dedicated time and attention thoroughly to our start-up Gamedoora, gave the best possible advice and guidance. With the help of TMP, we received good insightful digital marketing tips and ideas from which GameFest 2016 was born along with other important aspects to consider in preparing towards being investor ready. Both Shraddha and Bhavesh are great mentors and we are glad to be associated with TMP.

Mentee – Pustakmandi

I connected with TheMentorpreneurs via social media. We had a couple of meetings before we actually joined hands. TheMentorpreneurs has been a great support in our journey of Pustakmandi. They have helped me with some brilliant ideas like crowdfunding of books which has helped build traction and sales to my platform. Shraddha mam and Bhavesh sir have personally guided me through the journey and helped me build right strategies. If you are an early stage startup and looking for the right set of mentors, do register with TheMentorpreneurs.

Mentee – Mentagram

Mentagram was our most ambitious project and Dr Dhaval and Me had put in everything that we had our experience, expertise and funds. Women Power 2016. Mentagram was one of the startups selected to pitch! My first pitch ever.  We didn’t win though but our journey with Shraddha and Bhavesh begins. Mentagram Success story starts from this day. Refining pitch decks to correcting the B plan to helping us with industry mentors TheMentorpreneurs was always with us. Thank you Shraddha and Bhavesh for putting up Woman Power 2016!!! Women Power 2017 is a must attend. Hope to share my journey with the audience at Women Power. More power to you guys!! We will Rock together!!!

Mentee – Omkarmic

I met Bhavesh and Shraddha madam at an event. TheMentorpreneurs has been our mentor since January 2016. Bhavesh and Shraddha madam have been very helpful in designing the business model of Omkarmic. TMP has been working very hard to connect their mentees to the Technology partners, Investors. With the kind of network Shraddha madam and Bhavesh have, the startup companies they have been working have benefitted a lot, Omkarmic being one of them. One of the main business process was designed by TMP for Omkarmic which enabled us to improve our customer acquisition strategy. Thanks to Shraddha madam and Bhavesh, Omkarmic has reached new heights because of very strict discipline and very hard work of TMP.